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Klosophy has been described as a philosophy book. However, the author calls it a life book that is not necessary for everyone but is for everyone. The author revealed that he fully expects many to cease communicating with him after the publication of the work but that as long as he has provoked thought, debate and action, he can be happier in life. Indeed Klosophy is a work that will make you smile, laugh, cringe, cry and by the end of it feel peace and enlivened. It is a lifetime's worth of teachings, comments and observations which all people can recognise and relate to. It asks questions about whether humans can peacefully come together via natural instincts that are largely suppressed, find inner and outer peace or become one with nature as they used to be. Love, friendship, the monetary system and more are also succinctly explored.

A blunt assessment of society or uplifting piece about the power of peace – that is for the reader to decide. Either way, the author says he is loudly optimistic about the prospects for this planet and its people. After all, perception is reality, the world is craving for peace and we are the key.


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