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Women, men, are we so different? No, yes, it depends! Our species has spent so much time worrying about this question that so many of us have forgotten to just enjoy the beauty of life. Many people are seeking a great partner and are jaded by their experiences. However, it is not all doom and gloom as this book will demonstrate. If you want the partner you deserve, demand it! The first step in this painful, joyful experience is trying to understand what your partner thinks or simply realising that you don't and being positive so that you don't ruin your relationship. This book is part humorous, part self-help, all real and 100% love and serenity. Part of a two-part series, this book attempts to help shed some light on that delightfully murky subject of what men think. Prepare yourself Women, This Is What Men Think.

Women, This Is What Men Think

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